Introducing World Bio Solutions:

Sustainability, effectiveness, environmentally friendly.

We provide the next generation of solutions for Decontamination, Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization. We have teams of experts working globally with our products, providing answers to some of today's most pressing environmental and humanitarian problems.

Hospitals & Institutions.

Neutralizing today's bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores...


The use of our products to maintain all areas within the livestock industry, benefits farmers and improves the health of animals...

Agriculture & Horticulture

An ECO solution combating areas where conventional pesticides and heavy chemicals fail...

Transport & Storage

Changes in the world economy over the past decade have led to an opening up of International markets, resulting in an increase in the volume of transported goods. Cleaning & Disinfection have become more vital...

Treatment for Waters

The next generation of Biocedes, 100% enviromentally friendly...

Fuel Industry

Water treatment systems, The Answer the industry‘s been waiting for...

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100% biodegradable

Hand sanitizing lotion, The natural alternative to alcohol based products.

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This bio-products represents the next generation of clean, safe, environmentally friendly hand sanitizers for the effective control of bacteria, viruses & fungi.

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